Saturday, October 11, 2014

#ViveMejor Social Event: Miami Happy Hour

Hello all,

How did your summer, fall is here and we are now preparing for the lovely family events. It has been very hectic but the time is going so fast and so much to do. Back to school has gone. I surely have many memories with all the wonderful activities the kids have been involved are many new activities beginning.

Enjoy it all! I was invited to a fabulous event this Summer which was filled with lovely fellow bloggers and made some new some friends as well. It was filled with the beautiful colors of the season. The decorations was all so lovely and creative. Here was the beautifully designed area engaged on the lovely evening. I am sharing those delicious recipes you can find ViveMejor Website and flaunt your newly found culinary skills for the Holidays.

This was a memorable & adventuresome event. This was the very first time Emy Cooks drove to this part of Miami on by herself. I was always chauffeured. Yes, have been spoiled for a long time. It sure made me proud of myself, would you not be?

Emy Cooks was invited to a Vive Mejor Social Hour at The Delano South Beach Hotel at the PentHouse at the spa Club Essentia. There was so much to see and do with the lovely friends.

There were so many activities and loads of fabulous swags for you to share your review with your marvelous readers. There were numerous variety of products especially for your personal need. Have you had the pleasure of trying any of them? Which is your favorite product?

Vive Mejor knows how to share good times with friends and create great memories as they grow each year. It is always lovely to meet friends and make new friends at these events with great personality.

 It is always fun at ViveMejor and we enjoyed it even more so as there was Ana Quincoces , well known  celebrity chef and former Real Housewife of Miami, we had a feast with the delicious recipes. You can always go on ViveMejor website and make the holidays even more special sharing with your love ones.

We had many delightful moments to share and was pampered to complete the evening. Celebrity hairstylist, Mario Antón shared several beauty tips to make us all feel so glamorous. There was also time to get dazzled up with the professional manicurists on-site talented making life easier and simpler and look glamorous for the evening.

 It was a really great evening filled with memories and Vive Mejor knows how to treat us in style and makes us feel special with all the great activities to keep us all involved and create new friendships.

Learn more about Vive Mejor:

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Vive Mejor Youtube

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Avocado Sandwich with Home Appétit Olive Oil & Spices on a Beautiful Day!

Hello my wonderful readers,
Hola queridos lectores,

Sure hope that you and your lovely family are doing well and enjoying all that lovely weather. The cold weather is around the bend but hope it is full with wonderful memories. Let's enjoy all the wonderful weather with delicious food. Well, the weekend is on the way, let's have a picnic and stretch those muscles while we can.

Espero que usted y su hermosa familia están bien y disfrutando de todo ese hermoso clima. El tiempo frío está alrededor pero esperanza de que está lleno de maravillosas memorias. Vamos a disfrutar de todo el maravilloso tiempo con la comida deliciosa. Bueno, el fin de semana está en el camino, vamos hacer un picnic y estirar los músculos mientras podamos.

Today, I am sharing a delicious sandwich recipe, this can be done with many other natural products. I am using avocado but those we can improvise and use boil eggs for those who prefer otherwise and we can all have a party.

Hoy, voy a compartir un delicioso sándwich, esto se puede hacer con muchos otros productos naturales. Estoy usando el aguacate pero podemos improvisar y utilizar  huevos hervidos  para  aquellos que prefieren lo contrario y todos podemos tener una fiesta.

Avocado Sandwich


1 avocado chopped
1/2 onion minced (optional)
1 tomato minced
Salt to taste
Home Appétit Mediterranean Rosemary and Citrus Spice Blend to taste
Home Appétit Olive Oil to taste

I cubed the avocado in the skin and then scoop out. I minced onions (optional), tomatoes, spices and olive oil to taste. Mix well to combine spices and oil. You can also mashed the avocado and add spices and oil to taste. Really great for a picnic or outing. To encourage the children to eat, you can add small bits of ham or sausage.

Sandwich de Aguacate


1 aguacate picado
1/2 cebolla picada (opcional)
1 tomate picado
Sal al gusto
Casa Appétit Mediterráneo Romero y cítricos mezcla de especias al gusto
Casa Appétit de aceite de oliva al gusto

Corté en dados) el aguacate en la piel y luego sacarlo con una una cuchara.Piqué cebollas (opcionales), tomates, especias y aceite de oliva para saber. Mezcla bien para combinar especias y aceite. También puede puré el aguacate y añadir las especias y el aceite al gusto.Mezcle bien a combinar especias y aceite. Es genial para un picnic o excursión. Para animar a los niños a comer, usted puede agregar pedacitos de jamón o salchichas.

The avocado and Olive oil has healthy unsaturated oils that is good for the body. Eating healthy helps with weigh loss and produces healthy skin and hair.

El aceite de oliva y aguacate tiene aceites insaturados saludables es bueno para el cuerpo y pelo. Comer saludable ayuda con la pérdida de peso y produce pelo y piel sana.


This recipe can a;so be used as a dip with corn tortillas or your favorite vegetable. Let me know what you think, smiling!

Esta receta también se puede utilizar como dip con tortillas de maíz o su favorito vegetal. Hágame saber lo que piensa, sonriendo!

Hope you enjoy these beautiful days with the lovely family as we prepare for the holidays.

Espero que disfruten de estos hermosos días con la familia encantadora mientras preparamos para las fiestas.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Awesome meal filled with Iron or Vitamins B

Hello All,

 I certainly hope all of you have been keeping hydrated and eating well as we are back to school and ready for the school year. Have you all met your classroom teachers? Have you had the welcome back meeting? I hope you have some awesome teachers this year. I have met the teachers and looking forward to the welcome back event.

With all those summer activities and school events prepping up, we need to get our source of energy and nothing better than some real home made food. Here is a meal (stew black beans, sliced beets and fry fish)that I enjoyed this past summer and surely will enjoy as we prepared for the new school year. We need to look at the food (vegetable and fruits)that are high in Vitamin B or Iron as we may otherwise know it. Remember that the bright colors are the best choices. Do you eat beets? How do you like it? I like it in smoothies as well as cooked, thinly sliced with lemon, salt and pepper. Yummy!

Another that is filled with vitamins is the black beans. I know that black beans is staple food of many Central American countries. Many doctors encourage their patient to eat black beans as a source of vitamins to replenish the resource of blood. Most women needs to eat staple food (fruits and fruits) to increase their flow of blood monthly. Many type of beans especially black beans in particular can be found in most local store around the world.

There are many more fruits and vegetables that are eaten to replenish our blood flow which is vital for our body to function well. What is your main source of food that you like to replenish your blood flow besides tonic that is bought at the local store or drugstore?

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October: Breast Cancer Month a check up for Life! Unidos Venceremos!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying life. Although life has many curve balls we must learn to play around them and make the best of what life throws at us. Let's make this month a beautiful month by liking the website and help others. They will pay a $1 for each like to Liga de Cancer.

This month: October is celebrated as Breast Cancer month. We focus on Cancer but that does not mean that those who are diagnose with Cancer is only in the month of October. On the contrary, we need to recognize that we need to give all the help and knowledge to those who have cancer and have compassion as Cancer has no limits. There are many Cancer survivors who are helping others by giving that hope. You can make a difference by liking the Orgullosa Facebook. Did you know that every 90 minutes a Latina woman dies of cancer?

The Liga de Cancer in Miami held a bilingual Cancer event to share the knowledge of the latest technology, prepare patients with hope and continue to advise women that they must know how to do the personal monthly checkup. There were special appearances of both & Dr. De La Rosa. He offered many words of wisdom. Here are a few:

  1. Know your breast and it's symmentry. 
  2. They should be the same size, if there is any difference, you should seek a doctor. 
  3. Most important is for you to know your family history.
  4. Early detection is best. 

 There was a beautiful spread of lunch for the media and invited guests. The lunch was made up of protein and carbs. There were also a range of refreshing, colorful and tasty fruit juice.

And lastly, thanks to @PnG , @JoeTichio and for the goody bag filled with motivational and great stuff.

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